WooTabs Import File Creator

Fast & Easy Online Tool

Get the import file for CUSTOM PRODUCT TABS,
the WooCommerce Plugin by Yikes Inc.

Simplify the way you import your tabs

The purpose of this service is to reduce the complexity of the data structure that you are required to produce in order to import tabs correctly.

You can use data files that do not require technical skills to edit.

Easy & Fast

You prepare a simple exel-type file with the titles and contents you want in the tabs, and WooTabs IFC generates the specific well-formatted file that Custom Product Tabs plugin requires.

That's all.

example of your data file

example of your exel-type formatted data file

How it works


Prepare a very simple excel-type file with the tabs content for your products, and save it in the CSV format.


From the WooTabs IFC dashboard, upload your CSV file.


Then download and save the output: a well-formed CSV file just created.


From your Wordpress website, import the downloaded file with the usual procedure of the Custom Product Tabs plugin.

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